cropped-irish-language-act1.pngAn Irish Language Act will have severe consequences for the people of Northern Ireland and is against the notion of ‘Parity of Esteem’ as per the Belfast Agreement.

An Irish Language Act will introduce another level of sectarian division into Northern Ireland.

We have only to look at Belgium and Canada to learn that language issues can become a source of confrontation and conflict.

The Irish Republican movement is deeply cynical about “sectarianism” believing that “sectarianism” can be exploited and manipulated to create political opportunities and advantage. Yet Sinn Fein believe that sectarianism is a ‘direct consequence of historic British colonialism and modern day partition’ and define it as: “the belief that one type of person is unequal, and therefore undeserving of dignity, respect and opportunity.” (Sinn Fein, 2009)

Voting trends demonstrate that NI is now in a state of hyper-polarisation. An Irish Language Act will not aid or assist in this, yet those political parties who allegedly oppose ‘polarisation’ and the politics of ‘ethnicity’ are only too willing to back an Irish Language Act (see: 5 Parties come together to support community call for Irish Language Act with ‘Historic majority’ of MLAs (50/90) now supporting campaign).

Let’s not support another sectarian wedge. This is the aim of Sinn Fein. It’s the politics of grievance and we must oppose it.

What can you do?

Contact your local elected representative stating your opposition to an Irish Language Act. Visit: to find out who your representative is.

You can also email the DUP at, UUP at or TUV via:


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