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Bilingualism and Déjà vu

Throughout the 1980s and during the 1990s bilingualism hit both the main Universities Students’ Unions’ in Northern Ireland. Republicans’ led successful campaigns to have bilingual signs erected in both Irish and English at both Students’ Unions at Queen’s University Belfast … Continue reading

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Unionists’ Must Unite Against an Irish Language Act

An excellent letter in the News Letter today by TUV Leader Jim Allister where he states: “However it is dressed up, it would be the vehicle to hollow out our Britishness and make the public service a cold house for … Continue reading

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The Irish Language as a Cultural Weapon

With less than 5 percent of those living in Northern Ireland possessing any level of knowledge, understanding or being able to read and write in Irish it seems unjust to permit an Irish Language Act to protect what is a … Continue reading

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