Unionists’ Must Unite Against an Irish Language Act

An excellent letter in the News Letter today by TUV Leader Jim Allister where he states:

“However it is dressed up, it would be the vehicle to hollow out our Britishness and make the public service a cold house for unionists. 

“Promoting Ulster Scots must not be abused as a figleaf to placate Sinn Fein’s insatiable demands on the Irish language.” (News Letter, Letters, 12th September 2017)

Unionists must unite against an Irish Language Act and Ulster Scots should not be used as an excuse of a fig leaf to cover up for one, by any piece of legislation, be called a Cultural Act, or whatever.

Ulster Scots has its place, as does Irish (or Free State Gaelic), but Unionists’ must not stoop to the level of Sinn Fein and use it as a negotiating tool. Nor does Ulster Scots have universal acceptance within the Unionist community and will therefore not gain ‘acceptability’ should any deal emerge.

Unionists must not allow Sinn Fein to hollow out Ulster’s Britishness. By trading Irish for Ulster Scots, Ulster Scots for Irish, Unionism and Britishness is being weakened. In addition to this education and health will lose out on much needed funding, decisions Sinn Fein were not willing or prepared to take in the last Assembly. Instead they would rather have funding taken from universal services (accessible to all) in order to push their ethnic agenda. Does that sound like a party for everyone?

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